Shipping Information for Your
Fully Assembled Hot Dog Cart


We are professionals at shipping locally, state-wide, Country wide or to any Country in the world. in our 32 years in the cart manufacturing industry we have shipped to more than 70 different countries. We have never failed to ship to any one. Price of shipping varies from about $149 on up depending how far or to which country on the globe we are shipping.

Before shipping, your cart is triple inspected to make sure everything works correctly and that everything is included that you ordered. Each craftsman who works on you cart must sign his name on your cart denoting that he has successfully completed his part of your cart. 

Your cart is then placed into a custom built wooden case on a skid. This is called skidding & crating. It protects your cart during transport to you by truck, train, plane or boat so that you get it in perfect condition no matter how far it was sent. 

Your cart is insured during transport. If there are any problems all you have to do is let the shipper know and make sure it is documented. Damage during shipping is very rare.

When your cart arrives the shipper will call you and all you have to do is go pick it up at the terminal or, if you have requested door delivery, make sure you're there when the trucker says he is coming. It's easy. If you have any shipping questions we can help you. Just call or email & relax. We do the rest.

We try to ship your cart the day after you order it. If it’s a custom order it takes longer. Shipping costs anywhere from $149.00 and up in the USA and Canada. When we ship your cart we place it on a special wooden pallet and secure it carefully so it won’t shift during transport then we enclose it in a wooden framework. This is all stretch wrapped for further security. We then load it onto a truck and ship it to you or to a terminal near you.


Whatever you prefer. For international shipments we place your order inside a secure, steel container and send it by ship or sometimes by air. Transit time varies from a few days and up but because we have multiple offices we may already be close to you to speed up delivery. All our shipments are insured.

Over the years we have shipped to over 60 countries. Just last month we shipped to Bora Bora, Bermuda,
Guatemala, Thailand and many others. We can certainly ship to you. Your international order will be packaged as a domestic delivery and then placed into it’s own container & sealed in to ensure there will be no tampering.

Usually it goes by boat but if need be we can fly your cart to you also. For exact prices please ask us.
It costs less than you think. Of course all our shipments are insured.


For more details just call us toll free: 1-800-808-1396