Dress and Deportment Guidelines for Vendor Carts

Dressing to make the best impression!

It is important that a person's appearance conveys the professionalism expected in the foodservice industry.

The importance of clean, stain-free clothing cannot be overstated. It is important to change your clothing every day.

Clothing should not be torn or worn out.

Shorts are permitted, but no cut-offs, short shorts, or bikini bottoms are permitted.

Shirts with short sleeves are okay, but no bikini tops, halter tops, or muscle shirts.

The vendor must not wear offensive logos or messages on clothing if he does not have his own company shirts or hats. The vendor is advised to wear clothing without offensive logos or messages.

Gentleman, freshly shaved or neatly trimmed beards and mushtaches are appreciated.

It is important to keep your hair neat and clean.

Your apron should be cleaned after use every day.

Try to keep your nails clean and neatly manicured.

Remember everything you do in your business can alienate a client or build goodwill. The small things sometimes make a big difference!