Teeny Weenie
Hot Dog Cart


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TEENY WEENIE - $3299.00

Certification available (optional). Certification is required in a very few places. We can do it if you need it. It costs extra. Ask us for details if this is a requirement in your state.
Cart Body Dimensions: 26 in. wide x 44 in. long x 54 in. high.
Cart Body: 18 gauge food grade, 301 stainless steel
Under Carriage: Carriage wheels, traditional style, semi pneumatic tires
Cart Weight: 120 lbs., empty
Security: Stainless steel vibration suitcase latches
Sinks: Certified cart comes with sinks
Quality Built In: As the largest US cart builder we build the best carts in the industry. We are the company others try to copy.
Cooler Storage: Holds 80 sodas
Dry Storage: Under counter space of 3.5 cubic feet
Cooking Source: Can be sterno or electric
Umbrella: 6 foot high wind umbrella. Choice of colors
Steamers: 2 pans 1/3 size x 6 inches deep.
Food Equipment Summary: 2/3  size steamer/boiler. Cooks up to 50 hot dogs at once
Additional Equipment Options: See the Accessories page.
Additional Feature: Quilted stainless as shown on many carts is a $500.00 extra cost option
*We reserve the right to improve carts and alter specifications without notice.
25% restocking on all parts returned. Shipping is not refundable on parts returns.

When it comes to food service equipment, a big price drop can mean a big drop in quality. You will NEVER have that problem with All American Hot Dog Carts. The small but mighty Teenie Weenie is the #1 professional cart with the best price tag.


When we developed the Teenie Weenie, we wanted our customers to have a cart that was not only cost effective, but also powerful. The Teenie Weenie is the perfect combo. Save some money, and make lots too!

With two 1/3 size pans, you can steam lots of hot dogs, and have the lunch rush in and out quickly. To be exact, you can cook a whopping 50 hot dogs at once! A full size cooler is included as well, so you can serve ice cold drinks as well. The carriage style tires give the Teenie Weenie a unique and eye-catching look that customers appreciate.


You may find yourself wanting more serving space. If you decide to go with this small but mighty cart, we recommend you bring a folding table to set up condiments on. Just like you, your customer will appreciate the options.


Opt for a couple chip clips to hang potato chips from the umbrella. Your customers will love you for it! This cart is also perfect for catering gigs like golf tournaments, work functions and kids parties.


Just because it is small, does NOT mean you can’t make a lot of money. This cart is perfect for someone who wants a taste of the hot dog business, but isn’t quite ready to quit their day job. Bring this cart out on a Saturday or Sunday, and get ready for business!