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Kiosk Convertible


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where can i buy a hot dog cart
Cart Name: KIOSK CONVERTIBLE- $6999.00

Cart Body Dimensions as
36 in. wide x 60 in. long x 36 in. High at counter. 86” at canopy or umbrella
Dimensions On Trailer 39 in wide x 96 in. long x 54 in. high OR 36 in. wide x 72 in. long on casters
D.O.T. Compliance If taken as tow-able: highway rated trailer with 1/2 ton suspension.
Certification Certification available option
Electrical Brake and signal lights plus trailer wiring harness installed on
tow-able model only.
Cart Body: 18 Gauge Stainless Steel or checker board stainless
Under Carriage Kiosk: 4 x 1000 lb. pneumatic castering, locking wheels.
Tow-able: 4.80 x 9 Highway Tires + 1-1000 lb braking Caster Wheel
Cart Weight 450 lbs empty
Security Stainless lock-able suitcase latches
Sinks 1 sink standard, extra can be added
Fresh Water Tank 5 gallons more if needed
Waste Water Tank 7 gallons more if needed
Cooler Storage: Insulated ice box for up to 125 sodas plus meat. Bottom draining
Dry Storage: Top side display area plus two additional under counter dry storage.
Propane Tank: 1 x 20 lb tank baskets (propane model only)
Gas Regulator: Two stage regulator. UL rated.
Burner: Depends on appliances chosen
Umbrella or Canopy: Two 6-1/2 foot high wind umbrella OR Dome Canopy 36” x 72” (optional $500.00)
Steamers: 3 steamer pans 1/3 size or choice of other appliances
Food Equipment Summary: 3 x 1/3 steamers with pans & lids add $1000.00
Char-broiler $1500.00
Griddle $1500.00
Crepe griddle $1500.00
Panini grill $1000.00
Soup maker $500.00
Pizza $750.00 up
Hot Dog roller grill $1000.00 up
Hot Dog rotisserie $500.00 up
Stove top $1000.00 up
Other just ask
Additional Standard Features: Hot and Cold Running Water.
Additional Equipment Options: Additional Sinks up to 4, Griddle, Char Broiler. See the Cart Options pages for a complete list of optional equipment and cost. These items may delay delivery of cart and are considered customized features.
Additional Feature: Quilted stainless as shown on many carts is a $500.00 extra cost option
*We reserve the right to improve carts and alter specifications without notice.
25% restocking on all parts returned. Shipping is not refundable on parts returns.

For 2021, All American has changed a lot about the Kiosk Convertible. No other cart in the industry allows you to mix and match any appliances you like. When the KC was originally developed it was meant to be everything for everybody. Built for inside locations like a mall or for outside locations.

Built to be pulled behind your car or to be pushed by hand. The design team took everything that they liked about the Kiosk Convertible, added a whole host of design tweaks, and relentlessly tested all variations of the 2021 KC before releasing it for production. The water system was simplified. A new, optional canopy lift/drop system has been developed for 2021. That means even better reliability, visibility and the very best versatility in the industry.


The 2021 KC is not a cart you will outgrow. You can have any of the optional appliances you chose, Fryers; steamers; char-broiler; coffee and more. It can be optioned for inside or outside use. All American enlisted the help of a crew of design and workflow experts to redesign the KC and the test the breaking strength of all the components. We came up with some pretty surprising results. All this translates into better versatility, visibility. As you know, visibility means more profits for you. That’s really what it’s all about.


This is a fairly big cart. That means that it is a bit heavier than most of our carts. Quality does tend to be heavy. Not to worry, though. With experience you will learn to handle the KC with ease.


This masterpiece can be altered and added to even years after you’ve owned it. Maybe you need to switch from serving burgers or dogs to crepes or salads? No problem, just switch out the appliances with ease and there you have it.


The basics speak for themselves. Great entry price, the best versatility in the industry, fantastic visibility. I don’t believe there is a better cart out there for gaining maximum profitability from the day you open.

Hundreds of our customers tell us so.