The Original All American
Hot Dog Cart


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THE ORIGINAL ALL AMERICAN CERTIFICATION - ASK US ABOUT CERTIFICATION (optional). Certification is required in a very few places. We can do it if you need it. It costs extra. Ask us for details if this is a requirement in your state.
Cart Body Dimensions: 40 in. (48" overall) wide x 48 in (76” overall). long x 60 in. high (90" over all at top of umbrella)
Electrical: N/A
Cart Body: Stainless Steel
D.O.T Compliance: D.O.T Approved 1/2 ton suspension. Easy to tow on the highway at any speed.
Cart Weight: 225 lbs
Security: Lockable suitcase latch
Pressurized Water: 12 volt pressure (optional)
Sinks: Cart comes with 3 sinks, a 4th sink is an optional extra
Quality Built In: We build the best carts in the industry
Fresh Water Tank: 5 gallons
Waste Water Tank: 7 gallons
Cooler Storage: Insulated top entry ice box for up to 200 sodas plus meat
Dry Storage: Top side display area plus additional under counter dry storage
Propane Tank: 20 lb tank baskets
Gas Regulator: Two stage regulator
Burner: Three 17,000 B.T.U burner with adjustable control
Umbrella: 6-1/2 foot high wind umbrella
Steamers: 5 pans 1/3 size x 6 inches deep
Food Equipment Summary: 5 Steamer Pans
Additional Standard Features: D.O.T Approved 1/2 ton suspension. Easy to tow on the highway at any speed.
Additional Equipment Options: Barbeque, Additional Sinks. See the Cart Options pages for a complete list of optional equipment and cost. These items may delay delivery of cart and are considered customized features.
Additional Feature: Quilted stainless as shown on many carts is a $500.00 extra cost option
*We reserve the right to improve carts and alter specifications without notice.
25% restocking on all parts returned. Shipping is not refundable on parts returns.


is the most popular cart we have ever built. Without a doubt, you’ve seen this cart at many fairs and on busy street corners. The original All American defined the cart industry.

Since we built the original model, many cart builders have tried to replicate this style but are unable to deliver the quality and great price we’ve become famous for!


This towable cart is perfect if you plan on serving large crowds. Don’t worry about the carts size though – at 250 lbs it is easy for anyone to maneuver. The cart is built from a sturdy 18 gage stainless so you don’t have to worry about rusts or scratches.

Not only does the cart look good, it comes equipped with 5 streamer pans that allow you to serve huge crowds of people. You can literally have 100 hot dogs steaming at a given time! The steamer pans are fueled by a 17 000 BTU burner and adjustable control knobs, so you can keep your hot dogs juicy and fresh. Quality control is key! Keep sodas icy cold with the built in ice chest cooler, which holds 200 sodas and ice at one time. Your customers will be pleased with the ease and efficiency with which you serve them. Industry experts designed this the original All American cart so that you can do your job better!

Keep health inspectors happy with the 3 sinks built into the original All American. You also have hot and cold running water and 5-gallon fresh water and wastewater. Ask us about a 4th hand washing sink or increased wastewater capacity if you need it!


The only negative feedback we’ve received about the original All American is that the 5 steamers can become very hot, so when you have a huge line up, make sure to keep on eye on the heat setting!


Ask us about the certification upgrade or popular add ons to “soup up” your cart. Adding a grill or deep fryer is easy with this model!


The original All American is for you if you have a reliable, busy location lined up. There’s a reason this cart is the top seller - for a little extra money, you get a whole lot more in terms of cooking, cooling and storing!